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Bob Ladouceur

In an unprecedented winning streak that lasted twelve years, it wasn’t his team’s incredible 151 straight wins that impressed Coach Bob Ladouceur, it was their perfect effort – the wins were just a natural result. That is because “Coach Lad” believes that wins and losses are not indicators of success – it’s how you live your life. This philosophy was the driving force behind Ladouceur’s 399–25–3 record at De La Salle High School – the most victories in high school football history, including the longest winning streak in sports at any level. In fact, Bob’s story is so inspiring that it is now the subject of the movie, When the Game Stands Tall.

Ladouceur’s philosophy on life is quite unusual for a coach. It comes from a man who first started his career as a teacher and mentor, and as a result, his unique approach to team success transcends sports. Bob believes that football is merely a vehicle to teach life skills like respect, accountability, selflessness and commitment, and reminds audiences that sports do not build character, they reveal it.

Bob brings this understanding to his presentations as he clarifies to corporations of all sizes, including giants like Oracle and Sutter Health, how his formula draws parallels to success on the field with success in the office. Bob accomplishes this with cerebral, straight-forward strategies, so don’t expect the typical high-fiving motivational speaker. He will give you the tools and teachings to have an immediate, lasting impact on your company’s future. Ladouceur also customizes his approach for teachers, students and community groups with the same winning game plan. His leadership skills and philosophies on successful effort apply to any endeavor in any area and always result in an audience walking away with a renewed faith in themselves, their abilities and their team.

Coach Bob Ladouceur always brings something special and unexpected to his presentations. He illustrates the lessons he’s lived with inspirational anecdotes from the game one minute, and dramas that reach well beyond the field the next. He also actively involves his audience with “perfect effort” exercises, giving his presentations more of a workshop feel, rather than just a keynote. Bob Ladouceur’s unique way of translating his gridiron strategies into daily life, and uncommon approach to common problems, comes from more than a coach – they come from an educator, innovator, mentor and motivator who knows how to make an immediate and lasting impact in the lives of his audience.

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