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Pat Harmon

Naperville, IL

Formed in May of 2004, IMACC was created by Patrick Harmon, former Property Loss Research Bureau AVP of Educational and Technical Services. The PLRB is the world’s largest trade association of property and casualty insurers. During his 10-years with the PLRB, Pat networked and collaborated with scores of Loss Managers employed as claims executives and directors by nearly all of the nation’s leading insurers. As a recognized expert and author of over 100 claims training and process manuals including Resolution Adjusting, the most popular printed publication in the history of the PLRB, Mr. Harmon formulated claims handling processes designed to be fair, transparent, and thoroughly documented.

                Following a 2003 speaking engagement at a national conference of restoration contractors, Mr. Harmon was approached by a group of independent contractors. They were seeking a way to compete more effectively with national brands capable of marketing at a claims director and senior claims officer level. In addition these contractors believed that as leaders in the establishment of now well-recognized industry restoration standards and methodologies, they provided the best level of workmanship and services in their local markets. Their challenge was to be seen, heard, and trusted with the important job of property restoration at a time when the decisions to approve contractors was being increasingly centralized within home-office claims operations.

                During scores of PLRB committee meetings with loss managers, it became clear that the centralization of claims operations with the resultant reduction of field staff was creating a need for a better way to select and manage restoration contractors. Additionally, many of the past adjusting practices that evolved through years of in-person field adjusting were not as effective when performed remotely. IMACC was the first and only restoration services administrator to recognize the importance and ultimately the feasibility of Claims Virtual Adjusting Technology (CVAT™). While other brands and networks pursued formulaic price and scope controls, IMACC diligently developed the technology and processes that restored the first-person connection of adjusters to their assigned losses.  

                With the support and vision of a core group of Charter Members, IMACC was underway. During the first year of operation IMACC grew from 40 to over 150 member contractors who wanted to be counted among “The Best of the Best.” This was a particularly challenging period because few restoration contractors grasped the importance of transparent project and service documentation and many feared it would be used against them. Over the subsequent years and after hundreds of IMACC educational and training sessions reaching several thousand estimators, project managers, sales people, and restoration company owners, we carefully built the team that stands ready to respond today in minutes, all to the IMACC Standard™!

                IMACC now offers over 800 service locations nationwide and a proven track record of more than 70,000 jobs performed. Based on documented returned survey results, over 96% of those customers stated they would highly recommend their IMACC Contractor and would choose to work with them again. Surveys also indicate that the overall customer claim experience is rated significantly higher when IMACC is part of the service equation. IMACC’s Motto is “Everyone Wins!” Our documentation proves it.